Musical Instrument Track

Kacky Muse presents                                                                          

My Musical Mind


Music Reading Readiness Symbols for One Note and Cluster, one-line staff, two-line staff.

Piano Geography gives a Graphic Design for all notes in all key signatures.

Each hand plays four notes of the scale in each key signature using letter names for notes.

Students Draw, Color, Read and Play notes on a very large musical staff for the scale in each key signature.

Each introductory book presents musical patterns with one Note and Rest value.  Composing Cards let you create your own original musical patterns to read and play.

A Medium-size staff presents the scale in each key signature. The companion book presents patterns in musical intervals.

Students read and play note and rest values in each key signature.  Using a metronome, students develop fluency and strength.  Scale Trials track their progress.

Students begin playing musical arrangements with several layers, starting with the bass line and progressing up to the tunes.

Note to Parents: Be sure to start with Percussion Level 1 before starting Piano.

Melodic Patterns help build musical vocabulary in every key signature.

Each Music Story is a play along storybook.  Musical symbols tell the child when to play the piano during each story.