Percussion Level 2

Kacky Muse  presents                                                                          

My Musical Mind

Level 2 Percussion

One- Line Staff

Two-Line Staff

Three-Line Staff

Four-Line Staff

Each Kit has Large and Small Composing Cards and a Musical Pattern Book.

These modules introduce a divided staff in preparation for playing and reading music for two hands on the piano and two hands and multiple instruments for percussion instruments.

Level 2.1 Two-Tone Guiro

One-Line Staff

Short Sound

Level 2.2 Two-Tone Guiro

One-Line Staff


Level 2.3 Two-Tone Guiro

One-Line Staff

Short Sound/Tremolo

Level 2.4 Drum Pad

One-Line Staff

Left Hand/Right Hand

Level 2.5 Drum Pad

One-Line Staff


Level 2.6 Drum Pad

One-Line Staff



Note to Parents: Be sure to start with Percussion Level 1 before starting Level 2.

Theme: High and Low Sounds


Hen and Fox

Ducks and Frogs

Mouse Snacks

Music Stories