Level 1.1 Rhythm Sticks

Short Sound/Tremolo

Level 1.2 Triangle

Short Sound/Long Sound

Level 1.3 Xylophone

Sliding Up/Sliding Down “Glissando”

Level 1.4 Shaker

Forte/Piano (loud/soft)

Level 1.5 Guiro

Adagio/Allegro   (slow/fast)                 

Level 1.6 Rainstick


(getting louder/softer)

Music Reading Readiness Kits

Kacky Muse  presents                                                                          

My Musical Mind

Music and Books for Children


Level 1 Percussion

Six Modules

Six Instruments

Twelve Musical Symbols

Each Kit has Large and Small Composing Cards and a Musical Pattern Book.

These six modules lay the foundation for all music reading, music composing, and music vocabulary through playing six different instruments.

Your child should start with Percussion Level 1 before playing any of the other Musical Instrument Tracks.

Level 2 Percussion

One- Line Staff

Two-Line Staff

Three-Line Staff

Percussion Newsletter

Instruments for Percussion Level 1