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“Seasons for Berries”


“When It Rains in the Country”

Introduction to “Seasons for Berries”

It is fun to watch wild and cultivated berries ripen.  At different seasons, during a walk in the woods, you will see berries change from green to red or black as they ripen.  Animals watch so they will know the best time to eat them.

Berry farmers are taking care of the berry bushes all year.  Some berry farms have seasons for you come and pick your own.  Summertime is when the berries ripen.

You can pick them or buy them in the grocery store.  Then you can cook them by drying them for snacks, making them into jelly or jam, or baking them in berry pies.


Introduction to “When It Rains

in the County”

Although I happily taught “Old MacDonald Has a Farm” to my pre-school musicians, I found a new song coming to me as I took a drive in the country with my husband one wet afternoon.

It became “When It Rains in the Country”.  My students enjoyed singing it because it conveys the humor of the obvious.  “When it rains in the country, the cows get wet.”  The anticipation for each of the other animals keeps building with every verse.   And so does the anticipation for the crops and the farm equipment.

It gives us something to laugh at, with the predictability of the rain having the same effect on everything.

The word cards are for early readers.  Learning to read with the anticipation of the humor gives everyone a good time.

There is also a page of cards to cut up and distribute to the children in your playgroup or Sunday School who are learning to sing the songs.  It is fun to build up a personal library of cards which show which songs the child has learned to sing.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

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